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Our Mission

Helping to promote local businesses.

The Prescription Bag Ad Program provides high volume, affordable ads that are printed directly on prescription bags and handed directly to thousands of pharmacy customers who live in the area where your business resides.

Get maximum exposure for your business at an extremely low cost!

We invite you to read about all of the features and benefits of this program below.

24,000 Professionally Designed Prescription Ad Bags



Your message can be put directly into the hands of your potential customers by a medical professional they already trust


Super charge your digital media by directing these customers directly to your website


Stand out by deviating from everyday typical media sources


No direct competitors are allowed, keeping the focus strictly on your business


Long-term exposure — consistently reinforces your message for 6 to 12 months

Participating Pharmacies

Kroger Pharmacy
Albertsons Market
United Supermarkets
Market Street
and many more!

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What our customers are saying

Thank you for providing us with such a unique marketing opportunity!

I strongly support this component of my marketing mix. Since you came to us just over a year ago, I have increased the number of locations on which we advertise to more than ten.

Grace E. Curtis

Director of Marketing, Grandview Hospital & Med Center

I have renewed on all nine locations.

I have been using Medibag for approximately two years and have renewed on all nine locations.

Lewis T. Bowman

Chief Operating Officer, Bowman's Homecare Medical Supply

Unique Branding Opportunity


Psychologically Tangible.

Research indicates 90% of all consumer behavior is driven by their subconscious minds by remembering something that was placed into their hand.

Family Care
target marketing

Reaches Your Target Market.

By leveraging the data of demographics (pharmacy in a local community), you are able to strategically place your brand in the right place at the right time.


Drives Your Digital Media.

Delivers your potential customers to your website and social media channels.